Canvas Wall Art Half Lotus Forward Fold

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Wish you could look at you favorite card and be reminded of its positive message all day? Now you can!

Mystic Mudra Yoga Tarot uses the deep history of Hindu mythology to impart timeless wisdom to those in need of guidance in their lives. Each card discusses mythology, pose benefits, chakras activated by pose and practical healing advise such as nutrition, herbal medicine, crystal and aromatherapy to help support each chakra. Suggested affirmations, mantras and mudras are also given to encourage a mind, body, spirit holistic healing experience.

All cards are illustrated to tell a story and each product we carry is specially themed to match and support the deck.

With Standing Half Lotus we learn the story of creation and the hindu trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva). Have you ever wondered why the creator god Brahma receives so little worship?

On the day of their creation both Brahma and Vishnu had the opportunity to either be honest (admitting failure) or lie.  Of the two Brahma chose to lie while Vishnu was honest.  Because of Brahma's lie Shiva cursed him to no longer receive worship.


All canvas images are professionally printed and mounted on a 20x16 canvas frame. Wall mount is included. As all canvases are individually printed to order, please allow approx 2 wks for delivery